Confirmation Pre-Program Interviews MUST occur in person at the Parish Pastoral Center. However, to ensure the safety of the candidates and parish staff, all social distancing practices will be observed. A mask must be worn and 6ft of distance will be maintained during the interview.
If extra precautions are needed for any reason, you can request for your teen's interview to take place outside. Please read the important information below. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a copy of the Baptismal Certificate, call and request one from the Church of Baptism ASAP. This must be submitted before the scheduled interview date/time. Please plan to reschedule if theBaptismal Certificate, Online Registration Form, or Consent/Liability Forms have not been submitted. These forms will be emailed to you once your teen is scheduled for their interview. 

(If any of the bullets below are not complete by the interview date, please plan to reschedule)
  • Baptismal Certificate must be submitted
  • Online Registration Form must be submitted BEFORE your scheduled interview
  • Consent/Liability Forms (these will be emailed to you once the interview is scheduled). 
  • A mask covering the mouth and nose must be worn
  • Temperature will be taken at check-in
  • Teen should BRING THEIR CELL PHONE (we will make sure they are able to receive texts from our communication system)
  • Interview will last approximately 15-20min
  • bring the $50 Confirmation Fee, if not previously paid online or in person. 

Once your teen is signed up for a Pre-Program Interview, you will be sent an email with the Consent/Liability Forms and a reminder of the information above. Please complete and send those back BEFORE your teen comes to their interview.

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