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Confirmation Session Dates

Please remember, since the in person session are only once a month, and each class will arrange lessons and customize some of the teaching topics based on what is best for their class, a teen CANNOT attend a different session to make up a missed class. 

Option A - Sunday's

  • Oct 2nd

  • Nov 6th

  • Dec 4th

  • Jan 15th

  • Feb 5th

  • Mar 5th

  • Apr 2nd

  • May 7th

Option C - Sunday's

*This is the option for all those in need of extra sacramental preparation

  • Oct 9th

  • Nov 13th

  • Dec 11th

  • Jan 8th

  • Feb 12th

  • Mar 5th

  • Apr 16th

  • May 21st

Option B - Wednesday's

  • Oct 5th

  • Nov 2nd

  • Dec 7th

  • Jan 18th

  • Feb 1st

  • Mar 1st

  • Apr 5th

  • May 3rd

Option D - Wednesday's

  • Oct 12th

  • Nov 9th

  • Dec 14th

  • Jan 11th

  • Feb 8th

  • Mar 1st

  • Apr 12th

  • May 10th

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