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2019 - 2020

Confirmation Preparation Info

Monthly Requirements

1 - In-Person Session

2 - Mass Reflection Sheet

3 - Online Assignment

4 - Family Prayer

Annual Requirements

1 - Retreat

2 - Saturday Service Day

3 - New Ministry Participation

4 - Final Reflection Project

5 - Reconciliation Service on 4/16/19

COVID-19 Stay Safe Adjustments

In place of In-Person Session 

Option 1 - Complete an additional at-home assignment

Option 2 - Participate with a digital class through Zoom. Dates & Times to sign up will be available this weekend.

(for groups C & D, either option would need to be completed 2 times to adjust for the canceled March Class)

Mass Reflections

The Mass Reflection Forms should continue as before, but they will be submitted digitally. Each Sunday, they will receive a text with the form link. The OLPH Mass live stream will happen at 10am on Facebook, but will be available to watch throughout the day on Youtube as well. The forms must be completed by midnight on the Sunday of viewing. 

If a March form had not been submitted by the time masses were canceled, the candidate can submit two in April. We encourage families to take advantage of this unique time to join in for mass weekly, though the requirement for our purposes will remain monthly. 

Online Assignments

The Online Assignments should continue exactly as they were before. 

Family Prayer

The Family Prayer forms should continue to be completed exactly as they were before. 

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