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Confirmation Registration steps

Step 1 - Contact Info Form
(can be completed online by clicking the link below)

Step 2 - Sign up for the Pre-Program Interview.

(This is about 15-20min at the OLPH pastoral center and is only for the candidate. You can sign up by contacting the youth staff or by clicking the link below)

Step 3 -"Confirmation Registration Form"
(Click the link below to open the form)

Please pay careful attention to all the information on the form. This form MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE PRE-PROGRAM INTERVIEW. If you do not have this ready/submitted, you will need to reschedule the interview. 

Step 4 -Complete the Interview
     Items to bring with you:
        -Completed Medical Release/Communication Liability Form
     (2 pages) Click here for the form.
        -Copy of Baptismal Certificate (if you haven't
          already submitted a copy)
        -$50 payment (If you haven't made the payment)

PLEASE NOTE: The interview is the FINAL step to registration but you MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE REGISTRATION FORM and brought it with you. You also MUST HAVE COPIES OF THE CANDIDATE'S BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE AND THE MEDICAL RELEASE/COMMUNICATION LIABILITY FORM with you if you haven't turned them in. PLEASE PLAN TO RESCHEDULE INTERVIEW if these items are not ready. 

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