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Confirmation Registration Page

Welcome to OLPH Confirmation Preparation for High School Teens!

If you are on this page, then you have already submitted the Contact Information Form. Our program is the result of several years of prayer and discernment. We did not want something that felt like one more class the teens had to sit through. Our goal was (and is) to approach preparation in a way that takes the teens deeper into church teachings, while inviting them into a lived relationship with Christ. 

Step 1


Carefully Read

Program Summary

Though we have tweaked a couple of requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of the program were already in place.  It is a WEEKLY program that lasts for one year. 


Please click the link below to read the Program Summery before registering.


We are praying for all who are beginning preparations for this incredible sacrament!

Step 2


Complete Registration Form

Please grab your calendar and Confirmation Teen before you sit down to fill out this registration form. Make sure the parent AND TEEN have read through the Program Summary (Step 1) before completing this Registration Form.


The button below will take you to an online form. Once submitted, you will get a confirmation on your screen with a link back to this page. 

Step 3


Schedule & Complete

Pre-Program interview

Confirmation Pre-Program Interviews MUST occur in person at the Parish Pastoral Center. However, to ensure the safety of the candidates and parish staff, all social distancing practices will be observed. A mask must be worn and 6ft of distance will be maintained during the interview.

If extra precautions are needed for any reason, you can request for your teen's interview to take place outside.Click the button below to schedule.  

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